Y-Back front closed Bra


Reform your inner experience with the stylish and comfortable push-up bra in black. This is the time to say goodbye to uncomfortable elastic materials and mixed fabric. This padded push-up bra gives the heavenly experience with great looks and comfort. It is available in all sizes and gives a beautiful shape to your body.



The push-up bra from la-black is suitable for every type of dress and occasion. The innovative design with the front closed section gives it a unique and catchy product in its range. The pure and soft material with a unique design makes it stand out in the product range.



  • Color- black and bare
  • Fabric- 75% polyamide and 25% spandex
  • Size- 36/80B, 38/85B, 38/85C
  • Type: push-up and padded up


Frequently asked questions:

1). Can this bra be useful for long day travel?

Yes, this is very much comfortable for the long day and daily use. The material in this is 75% polyamide and 25% spandex. This material is soft and has a silky touch. It adopts the shape of the body and resists sweat. It is perfectly comfortable for all types of apparel and gets the best experience for the entire day.

2). What is the durability of this bra?

This push-up bra is highly durable because of its fabric ratio and design. Spandex and polyamide is a highly durable material which is water-resistant. The absence of elastic makes it more durable as it reforms itself according to the shape of the body.

3). What is the return policy if the size of the push-up bra is not accurate?

You can request the return on the website itself and the query can also be resolved through the email facility on info@lablack.ca. You can also contact me directly through helpline no. +1 587 896 3012 for any further assistance.


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