Fendi Brooch


All Fendi products are famous globally for their superior and durable quality. The brooch can spice up any look from contemporary to classic. These go well with daily wear like sweaters, coats, and jackets. Fendi brooches are a fantastic gifting idea for your loved ones on occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Mother’s day, etc.



Fendi brooch design. Whether you wear it on a jacket or a long coat, it can easily be the limelight of your entire look. TheĀ  style is perfectly wedded with a solid colorful structure. This attractive women brooch also resonances the classic style of the modern lady. Be it a wedding party or a family occasion, this simple brooch adds a stroke of elegance.



  • Gold-tone brooch pins
  • Cursive font design
  • stone embedded brooch pin
  • Small and sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Simple and elegant

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Can I style this brooch with a sweater?

Indeed you can! The brooch creates a unique style statement with any conventional and modern look. If you attach the gold-toned brooch with a simple sweater, it will transform your overall look. Especially, the pearl adds a striking contrast against any solid color. Hence, simply adding this brooch can create a mystical look.

Q2. Does this brooch have an antique gold-tone?

No, the brooch does not have an antique gold-tone. The tone of the gold is craftily used to enhance the charismatic look of the colorful stone. The designer has chosen the shining bright gold color wisely to give this brooch an eye-catching look.

Q3. How large is the brooch size can I match it with a casual dress?

You can create your own style statement by pairing it with any dress you wear. However, brooches go well with classic style and some selective casual dress. You can flaunt the cursive brooch with a long coat, sweater, jacket, dress, gown and many more.


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