Plus Size Padded Cup and Underwear Set


This plus size padded underwear set is the epitome of comfort and aesthetics. The soft fabric, comfortable padding and durable strapping are what all curvy women love.



Moreover, the adjustable straps make this underwear is a perfect choice for flaunting your off-shoulder dresses. It also has a detailed design along with the bra line that enhances the overall look. The best part is the panty line is not at all visible to ruin your bodycon dress appearance. In terms of comfortability, the fabric represents the best quality and is washable with all types of detergents. Also, the push-up feature adds an extra volume to your breast size highlighting your curves.


  • Fabric Nylon + Polyester + Elastane
  • Cup size: C
  • Push-up style
  • Lightly padded underwear set
  • Comfortable and sexy
  • Fits any body type


Frequently asked questions:

Q1. Is this material comfortable to wear overnight?

The fabric is highly sophisticated and comfortable. In fact, the presence of wire does not make this bra uncomfortable to wear. The lightly padded feature does not also cause any discomfort to your skin. One can easily wear this full set overnight without any discomfort.

Q2. Can I wear this bra under a skinny top?

The bra does not show any visible lines. Its seamless feature and detailed knitting enhance the overall look and longevity of the bra. From skinny tops to A-line dresses you can wear anything over this versatile underwear. Also, this bra highlights your curve and gives them a good volume. So, you can flaunt your neckline unabatedly.

Q3. Should I follow any surplus maintenance to keep up this set?

As the quality of the fabric is premium, it can sustain through all sorts of washing liquids, powder and bars. You can also practice machine wash occasionally; it will not damage the supreme quality. So, you do not need to acquire any special practice to keep up the underwear sets.


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